Quadt OÜ

A development company that provides technology solutions globally. Based in the hub of technology within Estonia and Germany, our passion is business efficiency enhancement for our clients, via smart application of automation techniques. We are great supporters of thinkers, innovators in business productivity. Our team of professionals, who share over 12 years of experience design specific products, strategies and techniques to facilitate the achievement of your technical objectives.


Our Services

1. Web Development
2. Software Development
3. Mobile Applications

4. Blockchain
5. Artificial Intelligence
6. Consultancy and Analysis


Why choose Quadt

Here at Team Quadt we consider all our employees to be visionaries in their field of expertise. Together we thrive on helping others bring their creativity to life by continually pushing the technological boundaries every day.

Our corporate values are not just a depiction of who we are and how we function as a brand. They also represent our core principles throughout the development process, to deliver the highest standard of expectations.

How we do it

1. Discovery
2. Visual and Technical Design
3. Development
4. Deployment
5. Maintenance
6. Upgrade

Contact us

Quadt OÜ, Ahtri tn 12, Tallinn 10151, ESTONIA
Email: ben@quadt.ee Direct line: +372(0)58540070

Germany Office: +49(0)3052015165
Company No: 14502062, VAT No: EE102126031

CEO & Founder: Benjamin Peter Quadt